In the spring of 2017, Grant Lawrence releases his third book, Dirty Windshields: the best and the worst of the Smugglers tour diaries.

You may now pre-order personally signed copies of Grant Lawrence’s new book Dirty Windshields! With each order you receive a free download code for Dirty Windshields – the Soundtrack: the best of the Smugglers (Mint Records) and a vintage Smugglers trinket. If the book is to be signed to someone other than the purchaser, please make note of it in the PayPal order.

And, hey, if you’re coming to the launch party May 13 at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, you can get your signed copy there!

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Early praise for Dirty Windshields:

“This true tale of innocents abroad is a testament to the power of unshakable optimism in the face of utter cluelessness and should serve as a flashing red light warning to anyone who imagines that touring the world in a band is non-stop fun. But somehow the laughs keep coming. Told with equal measures pride and shame, this uproarious chronicle of vans, violence, alcohol, cops, fires, floods, blizzards, wrong turns, crooked club owners, actual snakes, robbery, bodily fluids and calamities of all sorts is the perfect companion to the band’s mega-fun music.” – Ira Robbins, NYC rock writer (Rolling Stone, SPIN, Village Voice, Creem, Newsday, Entertainment Weekly, Mojo, Trouser Press)

“I can’t imagine a more perfect rock n’ roll book. Besides being chalk-full of wildly entertaining tales about life on the roadDirty Windshields could also serve as a practical handbook for aspiring bands. I finished the last page and immediately re-evaluated my own career. Are we hustling enough? Are we touring enough?? Are we partying enough???” – Tyler Bancroft, Said the Whale

“Dirty Windshields gives you more than a glimpse into the tour life of a real rock and roll band—one page in and you’ve become an accomplice to the revelry that is The Smugglers On Tour.  In my many years of touring, I have never witnessed a band like the Smugglers; charmingly cocky, suit-wearing road dogs—hard-working and hospitable to boot. They simply cannot help being the life of the party—nightly. From the first time I watched them storm the stage to perform feverish crowd-pleasers like “Booze Can”, “Pick ‘Em Up Truck”, and “To Serve, Protect and Entertain”, I became an instant fan of their music and live show. Lawrence’s masterful way of earnestly telling outlandish and fucking hilarious true stories with a dash of impish fervor will leave you longing to strap on your galoshes and hit the road with this lovable band of devilish trailblazers.” —Allison Robertson a.k.a “Donna R”, The Donnas

“Dirty Windshields should come with a disclaimer: ‘WARNING: May induce feelings of wanderlust and the itching desire to throw a guitar case into the back of a van and hit the road, if not to Japan or Australia, at least to Moose Jaw or Thunder Bay.’ An endearing, fun, and wistful look at music, youth, dreams and travel.” —Will Ferguson, author (419, How To Be A Canadian, Road Trip to Rwanda)

“Grant Lawrence taught me everything I know about touring! Buckle up for an epic tale told by one of rock ’n’ roll’s greatest storytellersDirty Windshields is a shotgun seat on a beer-and-body-fluid-soaked wild ride you’ll never forget!” – Lisa Marr, cub

“Wow! The details are different but the story is very similar to my own. Of course, I was on the east coast of Canada, and my band was actually pretty good, but the themes are universal.” – Chris Murphy, Sloan

In the fall of 2013, Grant Lawrence released his second book, The Lonely End of the Rink: Confessions of a Reluctant Goalie. The title is from a song by the Tragically Hip. The book debuted at #3 on the Canadian National Nonfiction Paperback Bestsellers List, hit #1 on the BC Bestsellers List, and won the BC Book Prize for the 2014 Book of the Year.

Praise for The Lonely End of the Rink:

Soul-searching, candid, and cleverThe Lonely End of the Rink is a remarkable account of being bullied and, through hockey and music, learning to fight back. – Ron MacLean, Hockey Night In Canada.

“The Lonely End of the Rink captures the many ways hockey connects our nation. Like Lawrence’s ‘wounded moth’ style of goaltending, it’s not always pretty, but this is a funny, poignant and very Canadian story.” – Kevin Sylvester, CBC broadcaster, author, goalie.

“A deft storyteller, Grant Lawrence is equal parts heartbreaking and hilarious in this personal exploration of the intersection between bullying and Canada’s favourite sport.” – Angie Abdou, author of The Bone Cage.

Like David Sedaris in a Canadian tuxedo, Grant Lawrence’s brutally honest descriptions of his torment at the hands of bullies had me cringing one moment and laughing out loud the next. I loved it.” - Boyd Devereaux, Stanley Cup champion, Detroit Red Wings.

“Equal parts hilarity and hurt, The Lonely End of the Rink explores the pervasiveness of hockey in Canadian culture and Lawrence’s journey to alcohol-induced enlightenment”. – The Hockey News

Purchase The Lonely End of the Rink:

You may now pre-order you own personally signed copy of Grant’s second book The Lonely End of the Rink! If the book should be inscribed to someone other than the purchaser, please make special note of it in the PayPal purchase. Cost is CAD$25.00 + $10.00 shipping and handling. Overseas orders, please add $10.00 for long distance shipping.

Read the reviews of The Lonely End of the Rink:

Adventures in Solitude is Grant’s first book, a memoir of his time spent at his family cabin in Desolation Sound on the wild west coast of BC. Adventures in Solitude was listed as one of the top ten best books of 2010 in the Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, and Montreal Gazette, won the BC Book Prize for the 2010 Book of the Year and was a finalist for the Hilary Weston Writers Trust Prize, the largest nonfiction prize in Canada.

Praise for Adventures in Solitude:

“By turns hilarious, terrifying, profound and strange, Adventures in Solitude is the great lost Canadian adventure story; Swiss Family Robinson as if rendered by Ken Kesey in his youth, a kind of Lord of the Flies through a fog of BC chronic.” – Dave Bidini, author of On A Cold Road, and Tropic of Hockey.

“Grant Lawrence is a raconteur extraordinaire. With Adventures in Solitude, he reinvents his rock’n’roll persona to become part Bruno Gerussi, part Stuart McLean, part David Cross… A harrowing and hilarious tale of how a zit-ridden nerd survived hippie orgies, family feuds, and a rugged Canadian coastline that defeated one of history’s greatest explorers.” – Michael Barclay, writer, Macleans Magazine

“Smart, wry, self-deprecating, irreverent: it turns out that Grant Lawrence on the page is just like Grant Lawrence on CBC Radio. Adventures in Solitude is his wonderfully told story about his deepening connection to a remote, coastal place, to its rich history and its ample stock of outlandish characters, of which he is now one. It’s also a story about family and selfhood and love and music and occasional rowdiness.” – Bill Richardson, CBC Radio host, author

“Who better to enliven Desolation Sound, this haven for boaters, counterculturalists and eccentric loners than someone conversant with all of them, musician-journalist Grant Lawrence. Lawrence, who came of age between these waters and the rustic-modern continuum of West Vancouver, gives us a thoughtful, and engaging, picture of people and place, time and tide – in one of the most alluring settings on earth“. – Michael Turner, author, Pornographer’s Poem, Hard Core Logo

Purchase Adventures in Solitude:

You may now order your own personally signed copy of Grant’s first book Adventures in Solitude! If the book should be inscribed to someone other than the purchaser, please make a note in the Paypal purchase. Cost is CAD $25.00 + $10.00shipping and handling.

Adventures in Solitude and The Lonely End of the Rink are also available on Kindle or as an iBook.