September 15, 2011

Adventures in Solitude Home Movies #12 – The Dock

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  1. Thanks for this one especially. When I was reading the book I had a vision of what this dock might look like, and let me tell you it was nothing like this… Well I got the water and boats part right.

  2. pat mcphillips says:

    Parkour, taking a dive…is there a career in Physical Theater in your future?

  3. Grant Lawrence says:

    what did you think the dock would look like, John?

  4. Grant Lawrence says:

    Hey Pat, I was always a fan of Jack Tripper and that amazing couch on Three’s Company!

  5. pat mcphillips says:

    Ah. I never watched that show, so I had to go to You Tube. I couldn’t find a couch scene, but I have no problem at all reconciling you with this…

    Again, I see your future…

  6. John Teeter says:

    The dock: More older, more Beachcombers-y, I guess. And smaller.

  7. Amor fati says:

    I am relaying a message from Russell ‘the hermit’ himself. He says that the art of good acting is un-predictability. He wants to remind you that things are best presented and have the greatest effect if things transpire as being neither staged or expected.

  8. Grant Lawrence says:

    Thank you, Stanislavski!

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