October 6, 2010

Oh Baby! And Best Seller List, Too!

"@xcanuck" in Washington DC reads his copy to his little one... who is clearly enraptured.

Well, all is can say is THANKS. I’ve just been informed that Adventures in Solitude has hit the Top 10 of the BC Books Bestseller List. THANKS. The pre-ordered books are starting to arrive and I’ve been hearing a lot of nice things from nice people all over the place. The media has been kind to me so far as well, which is hugely appreciated. Thanks so much to my longtime friend Jian Ghomeshi for the interview on Q the other morning. That show truly has a reach – I heard from people coast to coast after it aired. If you missed it, you can hear the interview here.

There’s also been several humbling print interviews and reviews, some of which you can read here:

The Vancouver book launch is TODAY at the Museum of Vancouver! Doors open at 6:30pm, “show” starts at 7pm, I’ll tell stories, Jill Barber and Said the Whale will play, and yes there will be beer and wine at a cash bar. The whole thing will be over before 9pm! Desolation Sound launch on Friday night at Nancy’s Bakery!

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  1. John "tb3" says:

    We arrived home last night after a day out of town at a funeral. Your book was sitting there leaning up against the door of our home waiting for us as we got home – it was a pleasant footnote on an otherwise tough day.

    On the ride home yesterday – as we drove by the Niagara Escarpment – catching up on Vinyl Cafe podcast episodes in the car, a gaggle of Canadian Geese did a flyby just as Stuart introduced Jim Bryson. I thought to myself, there is one other person that would appreciate the pride and levity of that moment…

    So I included that moment for him in a comment on his blog.

    Can’t wait to dig into this book! I bet it will make me feel the same.

  2. Grant Lawrence says:

    thanks John, you’re right, I would be in that moment with you for sure!

  3. way to go Grant! I’ve been a longtime fan and listener of your cbc radio 3 podcast and i’ve always loved your anecdotes about desolation sound. (for example: “[this song] has more hooks than a desolation sound tackle box”)


    i hope the book does well! i’ll pick it up!

    New Hamburg Ontario Canada

  4. mark osburn says:

    I designed that shack for your old man up at Ockover [sp]
    Still have the origional drawings …is it still there?
    So you hung out with all the Galley Bay kids?
    Give me a call!

  5. Mark Milotay says:

    I loved the book, I stayed up way too late reading it straight through – from a fan who bit you when we were both very young.

  6. Grant Lawrence says:

    Um… thanks very much Mark. You BIT me?!? I don’t remember this story!! Do tell?

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