September 12, 2010

Adventures in Solitude Home Movies #1

Hey folks! Here’s the first in a series of videos that I made this summer up in Desolation Sound in preparation of this month’s publication of Adventures in Solitude. Hopefully these lil’ shorties will give you a better idea of what Desolation Sound is really like, and what um… I actually really look like up there. D-Sound is a long way from the fancy music galas of Toronto and Vancouver. In fact for this shot I don’t think I had seen a bottle of shampoo or bar of soap in about… oh… a week or so? More to come!

One more thing… have you ever been to Desolation Sound? Where do YOU find your own Adventures in Solitude, to the best of your ability?

(3) Comments

  1. tb3 says:

    Wow… are you cruisin’ with the shirt opened to the belly-quator or what?

  2. Grant Lawrence says:

    My camera person actually made me cover up!

  3. Barb "Babs46) says:

    Okay good start but these movies need to be way longer!!!!!!!!

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