August 30, 2010

Peak Performance Boot Camp

Some of the gang at Rock Ridge Canyon, BC for the boot camp.

I just returned home from an action-pac’t weekend at the second annual Peak Performance Boot Camp, a week-long music conference/summit/think-tank that gathers 20 BC musicians and bands at a deluxe ranch outside of Princeton, BC (which is filled with death-defying contraptions, such as the “Tower of Terror”, which is essentially a 30 foot telephone pole that you climb to the top of, stand on, and jump off of, and a zip line from mountainside to lakeside, both of which I refused to do since my private parts are still hurting from doing that very zip line last year). The select 20 are all in the running for the Peak Performance Prize, a whopping $100,000+ given out by Vancouver radio station The Peak and Music BC.

I humbly accepted the invitation to attend and conduct my two music keynote seminars and was able to interview about 18 of the 20 artists in attendance. There is some extreme musical talent at this camp and it was my honour to spend a few days with these artists. I was particularly impressed with Kyprios, Acres of Lions, Bodhi Jones, Yes Nice, Ben Sigston, Vince Vaccaro, Said the Whale, Aidan Knight, and Greg Sczebel, all of whom you’ll be sure to hear me talk about, tweet about, and play on CBC Radio 3.

Good luck to the entire Top 20, and believe me… that 10-3 ball hockey victory by the artists over the faculty was pure luck (I was, um… the faculty goaltender).

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  1. John "tb3" says:

    HA! When you said you lost at hockey I was concerned. But it was only ball hockey… and not real hockey.

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