June 10, 2010

Adventures In Solitude

Whoa! I’m very excited to officially announce that my first book, Adventures In Solitude, will be published this fall! And while it is filled with music references (including the title), Adventures In Solitude is not a music book. It’s a book about the Canadian cottage experience from my perspective, both as a nerd kid and an adult, set on the wild west coast beyond the end of the road in Desolation Sound, BC. Desolation Sound is the central, bi-polar character of the book. The supporting characters are myself, my family, friends, and all the salty Beachcombers-come-to-life inhabitants of this lonely stretch of coastline where no roads lead in or out.

I am very much looking forward to introducing you to Desolation Sound fixtures like Mack the Knife, Roger the Dodger, Reverend Jim, Harvest Moon, Handy Candy, the Cougar Lady, Bernard The German, Scarface Mike, Prawn Bob, Help Me Rhonda, and my old pal Russell Latowski, Hermit of Desolation Sound.

Adventures In Solitude is being released this fall on Harbour Publishing, a fantastic west coast adventure publishing company that has been in business for over thirty years, and it was Harbour that I had in mind first and foremost when I wrote the book so I’m honoured they’re putting it out. There’s been some initial online coverage here and here and here which I totally appreciate, and I can’t wait to share more of the book with you, hopefully in your town this fall!

To read more about the release of Adventures In Solitude, an excerpt, and what other people have said, here’s the press release. Cheers!

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