May 31, 2011

Shuswap Writers Festival and Bouncing Around BC

Pointing out the Osprey nest on the shore of Shuswap Lake in Salmon Arm BC.

I just finished up another string of fun book events around BC. Big thanks to Bolen Books in Victoria, Volume One Books in Duncan, and the Shuswap Writers Festival for having me! I had a fantastic time at all three. In Duncan, I had the unexpected pleasure to go for beers after the event with a fellow named David Boeckner, none other than the father of Daniel Boeckner, one of my favourite Canadian musicians, from Wolf Parade (RIP) and the Handsome Furs.

Just this past weekend, my wife and I did the cannonball up the Trans Canada Highway to the Shuswap Writers Festival in gorgeous Salmon Arm, BC, two place names that could only exist in BC. I loved this festival for its strong emphasis on story-telling. I met a lot of inspiring people, both authors and attendees alike, including an amazing 83 year old retired frontier doctor who loved my stories and taught me how to search my body for ticks.

I still feel a little new to the book festival circuit, but I’m slowly working out the differences between music festivals and the book festivals… mostly, book festivals keep much more reasonable hours and are WAY less obnoxious. And I don’t need earplugs! Or a roll of toilet paper hidden in my bag! So great!

The Shuswap Writers Fest was held at a hotel right on the shore of Shuswap Lake, the estuary between the hotel and the lake absolutely filled with birds of all descriptions. Directly outside our hotel room window (as you can sort of see in the photo above) was an osprey nest on a raised platform. All day mama osprey would sit on her eggs while papa would swing by for frequent visits.

Next up: the Wolfe Island Literary Festival in Ontario this coming weekend…


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  1. TB3 says:

    Handsome Furs are at CTO the week after NxNE. I’m pretty pumped about that!

  2. sterling haynes says:

    Inspiring weekend in Salmon Arm. Thanks to you Grant and the group.
    Just finished your book about Deslotion Sound, “a hoot with history” I especially liked chapter 4 and the bits of BC history throughout.
    When I get doddery and anxious I reread your book and play your wife’s songs. My son-in-law has your book in N Carolina. I try and keep “my machete sherp”

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