May 8, 2011

Adventures in Solitude Home Movies #10: Moonshine!

You may recall a few weeks ago, upon my first trip to the Desolation Sound cabin this year, that I made good on a promise I made to a friendly fellow named James. James attended a Calgary book event for Adventures in Solitude back in January, presenting me with a bottle of moonshine that he had brought from his home on Prince Edward Island. I in turn promised him that I would complete the moonshine’s cross country opus by bringing the bottle of white lightning with me to Desolation Sound. Above is the video proof.

Moonshine receives reoccurring mentions in my book, as it was the Desolation Sound contraband of choice for many years. Thanks very much to James from PEI for the firewater! I have enough to last me the rest of the summer, and the tiny bit I sipped in this video, and three more subsequent swigs, made me wonky for the next couple hours.

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  1. TB3 says:

    You did way better than I would have!

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