April 10, 2011

Art, Art I Love You…

A painting in the mail from the great Canadian artist Stew Jones.

Whoo hoo! My apartment buzzer rang the other day and the voice on the other end said “Canada Post, delivery for a Mr. Grant Lawrence”. Two minutes later the postman handed me a large, light weight package wrapped in brown paper from Toronto.

Inside, to my delight, was a new painting from Stew Jones, one of my all-time favourite Canadian painters. He specializes in angled street scene oil paintings, many from Toronto alleys, main drags and side streets. He’s also responsible for the beautiful cover art of the last two Cuff the Duke album covers, as well as Sarah Harmer‘s I’m A Mountain CD and Escarpment Blues DVD.

Stew and his wife were recently in France, which is where this street scene is from; the painting is entitled Cobble Street – Saint Emilion.

Check out more of Stew Jones’ paintings here.

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  1. Beautiful painting and how nice he’s Canadian! Really enjoyed my copy of your “Adventures in Solitude”. A really great read.

  2. Grant Lawrence says:

    Thanks so much Bronwen, much appreciated!

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