March 28, 2011

Long Gone To The Yukon, Babe

A log cabin museum. Another reason why I love the Yukon.

It’s a Stompin’ Tom Connors lyric and my reality for the past three bright, sunny, long days as I made my first trip back to one of my all-time favourite end-of-the-road destinations in Canada: the Yukon Territory. This time I got to hang out in the amazing little city of Whitehorse, where for 72 hours I worked my caboose off in seminars, meeting with the inspiring and amazing music community of the Yukon.

In preparation for the 2011 Western Canadian Music Awards, which will be in Whitehorse this October, I met with all types of Northern musicians at various stages of their career that all had one thing in common: pride in the place they come from and passion for their art. Can’t ask for anything more than that.

I also squeezed in a book event at thee perfect venue for me, a long cabin covered in antlers and furs, namely the MacBride Museum of Yukon History. It was great to reconnect to many friendly folks who I have met over the years in Whitehorse and Dawson City. Thanks very much to Dave White from CBC North for hosting the event, the Museum for holding it, Mac’s Fireweed Books for selling (incredible bookstore), and the lovely and talented Brigs for performing.

Oh yeah, and my favourite place to eat in Whitehorse was a great new place called Burnt Toast. I liked it so much I ate their twice… in one night!

Next up… the Winnipeg Comedy Festival for a special live DNTO taping!

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  1. TB3 says:

    Funny. This weekend — not sure of you have seen it yet — but the National Parks Project aired two episodes: Nahanni NP in NWT; and Kluane in YT.

    It’s like they planned their schedule to coincide with yours!

    And if you haven’t seen any of these episodes yet Grant, you have failed us all! 🙂

  2. Martin C says:

    Say hi to Pat for me!

    I’d love to one day make it up to any of the territories, along with spending a lot more time out west.

  3. Dave White says:

    Thanks, big shooter. Always a pleasure.

  4. Adam says:

    Great to hear how much you love it here! I have to say that burnt toast is by far my favorite place too. Looking forward to picking up your book!

  5. Grant Lawrence says:

    @martin… say hi to Pat? Which Pat? Where?

  6. Scott Keesey says:

    Hey Grant… missed you here – didn’t get a chance to wakeboard on the Yukon River on plywood again! Our bass fiddle player Scott Wilson checked out your Sunday performance seminar, said it was great. Watch out for us – Second Cousins…. going nowhere, fast!

  7. Grant Lawrence says:

    Hey Scott – thanks for saying hi – sorry to have missed you! Yeah the river looked a little icy for wakeboarding. I’ll keep an ear out for Second Cousins!

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