January 18, 2011

Adventures in Solitude: The eBook… Now Available!

You asked for it, you have it! For the many people who have tweeted, texted, facebooked and emailed me the question “is there and ebook version?” the answer is YES. We are happy to announce that as of NOW the ebook edition of Adventures in Solitude is available for sale on Amazon.

The book can now be read and enjoyed on:

* Kindle Latest Generation
* Kindle DX
* Kindle 2nd Generation
* Kindle 1st Generation

As well as these Kindle Mobile Apps:

* Windows Phone
* iPad, iPhone & iPod
* Android
* Blackberry

…And Kindle for PCs and Macs. I’m honoured that Adventures in Solitude is the very first ebook in the storied 37-year history of Harbour Publishing. Cheers to everyone at Harbour for taking a leap of faith with me and this book.

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