January 10, 2011

Adventures in Alberta and New Brunswick!

Photo not taken in Alberta or New Brunswick.

Happy New Year, folks!

Thanks to all who sent kind words over the holidays about Adventures in Solitude. I truly appreciate your correspondence and support, so much so that I will soon be posting a “Letter of the Week” here to share a few of your insights into… the end of the road.

My wife Jill and I found another end of the road location this holiday season, as we were lucky enough to enjoy a second, “official” honeymoon on a quiet, sunny island in the Pacific Ocean. The photo above was taken after a boat trip in to a local town for some much-needed civilization (read: shopping and cookie-eating).

And so now 2011 is upon us, and while the Christmas rush is over, I’ll continue with book events into the new year: this month I’ll be making stops in Calgary and Canmore, Alberta, and Fredericton and Moncton, New Brunswick (please see the Events page for details), but not before playing goal for the Vancouver Flying Vees in the yearly outdoor hockey tournament on Apex Mountain in Penticton BC. Let’s hope the knees hold together.

In other ‘upcoming’ news, the ebook version of Adventures in Solitude will be out very shortly, and in March, my wife Jill Barber releases her new album Mischievous Moon, which sounds and looks fantastic.

Happy New Year to you and yours, hope to see you somewhere soon!

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  1. Kathy Gallant says:

    E-book? 🙂 That’s exciting! I finally ordered my copy of Adventures in Solitude last week after months of planning to! Can’t wait to start it! Say hi to my province (New Brunswick) for me when you’re there! Miss it lots!

    And yay for Jill’s new album! I’m anxiously awaiting that as well!

  2. John Guise says:

    Will definitely save space on my Kobo for this.


  3. Grant Lawrence says:

    thanks John… coming soon!

  4. Grant Lawrence says:

    Cheers Kathy, thanks so much for the order!

  5. John "tb3" says:


    Fantastic news, now I can’t get that for my Mom as she got an iPad for Christmas too!

  6. Grant Lawrence says:

    @John… wha…?

  7. gary fredrich-dunne says:

    Hey grant – your book was the first thing i looked for when i fired up the Kobo i got for Christmas – glad to hear it will be available soon!

  8. Grant Lawrence says:

    Hey Gary – the book is coming on the Kobo and Kindle very soon! Just working out a few kinks… GL

  9. John "tb3" says:

    Is your book going to be available as an eBook?

  10. Grant Lawrence says:

    Yes, but kindle first…

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