December 15, 2010

Adventures in Solitude #2 National Bestsellers List

Me with one of my all-time biggest heroes "Captain" Kirk McLean of the Vancouver Canucks backstage at Urban Rush TV show.

Um… I can’t say it any better than this, nor do I want to, so I’ll let the media moguls at Killbeat take over… thanks folks:

CBC Radio personality and first-time author Grant Lawrence continues to make strides with his debut book Adventures in Solitude. First released on September 27, 2010 to universally rave reviews, within one month  the book was the #1 Bestseller in BC. Within two months it was #2 on the National Bestsellers List for non-fiction paperback in Canada. In November, Grant Lawrence completed a successful coast-to-coast book tour which touched down in Victoria, Vancouver, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and many other spots in between, events which have included live performances from such musicians as Jim Bryson, Matthew Barber, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Aidan Knight, Said The Whale, Andy Swan,  Del Barber (no relation), Belle Plaine, Jill Barber (Lawrence’s wife) and others.

“To say I’m shocked by the reception the book has received is a huge understatement“, said Lawrence. “I’m truly flattered, and I profusely thank the book buyers of Canada for proving a lot of naysayers wrong… including myself!” Lawrence has two more book events in his home province of BC before Christmas break, including an event in Lawrence’s hometown of West Vancouver. Upcoming book event dates in 2011 will include Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Fredericton, Powell River, Sechelt, London, Kingston and Charlottetown.

Adventures in Solitude was recently listed as one of the Top Ten Canadian Books of the Year in the Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, and Calgary Herald. The book is published by Harbour Publishing and is currently in its second print run.

Critical praise for Adventures in Solitude:

“A hilarious and touching memoir [told] with an effortless storytelling style”. – Exclaim Magazine

“Adventures in Solitude is a study in dualities, none stronger than the timeless conflicts between old versus new and man versus nature.” – Vancouver Sun

“Funny and insightful, Adventures In Solitude is chock full of outrageous and quirky rural stories.” – Telegraph Journal

Upcoming Events

Wed Dec 15, Heriot Bay Inn, Quadra Island BC, w/ Jill Barber 7pm, free

Sun Dec 19, West Vancouver Memorial Library, West Vancouver BC, w/ Jill Barber 2pm, free

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  1. Dave O says:

    Nice one with Cap’n Kirk! I met Stan Smyl and couldn’t stop grinning for a week.

    Will see at the West Van gig and congrats on sewing your thread into Canada’s quilt and/or sweater.

  2. Grant Lawrence says:

    Thanks Dave, looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

  3. John "tb3" says:

    Considering Kirk is only 5’7″ this photo says a lot about your height.

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