September 25, 2010

The Book Has Arrived!

My wife Jill reading the first copy of Adventures in Solitude out of the box.

Wow, what an surreal feeling to pick up, hold, sniff, flip through and examine something that for the longest time wasn’t a physical reality but just a questionable idea kicking around in my head. Credit a really good and trusted friend who lit a fire under my ass and got me to typing, and a few years later… a 280-something page book with a cover and everything is now here, in my hands.

I brought the first box of Adventures in Solitude down to the Rain City Chronicles story-telling night in Vancouver ┬álast night. I told a story from the book and sold several copies to kind souls who may not know how much their purchases meant to me. And thanks to all those from around the world who have been pre-ordering it as well… you will receive your copies very shortly, and thanks to Harbour Publishing for trusting me.

For those in Vancouver, I’ll be at Word on the Street doing a reading (more like a “telling”) at 2pm this Sunday September 27. I’m also looking at adding new launch dates in Regina, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Halifax, Picton, and Swift Current! Thanks again for all your support.

The official release date of Adventures in Solitude is this Monday, September 27, 2010.

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  1. John "tb3" says:

    Congrats Grant!

    Can’t wait for my copy.

  2. Jack & Pat Harper says:

    Congratulations Grant. This must be a vey exciting moment for you and i hope the book is a great success. Jill, you look MARVELOUS! Can’t wait to see both of you in Winnipeg and share in your collective adventures. Desolation Sound rules.
    Jack and Pat

  3. Grant Lawrence says:

    thanks very much Jack and Pat! see in you in Winnipeg in November!

  4. James says:

    Congrats! And I’m definitely stoked to hear you may be making a stop in London. Looking forward to more details regarding the tour…

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