September 27, 2010

Adventures in Solitude hits the shelves… really!

Bolen Books in Victoria BC. Photograph by Michelle Edwards.

Thanks very much to Michelle Edwards of Victoria BC, who very kindly snapped this shot yesterday, proving that the whole system actually works: on the day Adventures in Solitude was released, it actually really was in a store, the store being Bolen Books of Victoria! Thanks again to Michelle for the snap, and to Bolen Books for being so snappy about getting the book on the shelf. Love the placement!

(3) Comments

  1. cinnie23 says:

    Yes! Love it!

  2. loweeda says:

    Yes, great placement. Right ABOVE Andre Agassi. You’ve made it!

  3. Grant Lawrence says:

    hey loweeda – your book is in the mail!

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