May 8, 2010


Chimo! Welcome to the brand new website. It makes me very happy to finally have this up and running, all thanks to Christy Nyiri and David Look from David Christy & Internet. Much appreciated for all your expert work. I have a very busy summer coming up… I’m getting married very soon, I’ll be doing a lot of traveling this summer, hosting various seminars and music festivals from coast to coast in Canada, and I’m putting out my first book Adventures in Solitude in early fall. You’ll find all the details here as they unfold! Cheers and thanks for visiting.

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  1. lane says:

    A wedding! A book! A website! That’s like a hat trick of insanity. Best of luck with all three. Sorry about the Canucks.

  2. Hey Grant. Great site. Really looking forward to more updates and your BOOK !!!

  3. Jack says:

    Your website needs more lolcats.

  4. Jack says:

    but seriously, the site looks great!

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